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Game Quotes

Future Unfolding - "If you are one who loves exploration, keep your eye on this one."

Pixel ru^2 - "Pixel is a punishingly hard but very rewarding platformer/shooter/puzzle game."

Hive Jump - "Hive Jump was a hell of a lot of fun. The action was intense and chaotic as bullets and bugs flew everywhere. This is absolutely one of the titles I'm most looking forward to."

Social Justice Warriors - Link to my Let's Play.

Articles Mentioned

"Settling the debate: What makes a “core” Mario game? on Ars Technica by Kyle Orland - 1 Oct. 2017.

"Redditor Compiles Heroes New Year's Voice Lines" on 12up by Nicolas Barth - 5 Jan. 2017.

"How Trans Players Find Support from the Gaming Community" on Vice by Matt Baume - 9 Sep. 2016.

"'Cool pope' not so cool on gender" on The Daily Dot by Jaya Saxena 3 Aug. 2016.